Sales Dashboard in Excel and Power BI

Sales Dashboard in Excel and Power BI

Learn to create this fully interactive sales dashboard in Microsoft Excel & Power BI. Using the same database, and similar dashboards created in Microsoft Excel & Power BI with almost the same visuals. Basically, these are designed for the B2C type of business.

This 43 minute 52 second YouTube video is demonstrating a complete sales dashboard in Excel with the following steps:

  1. Dashboard Overview
  2. Datasheets Overview
  3. Prepare Database
  4. Analyze and Prepare Visuals
  5. Design Background
  6. Design Dashboard
  7. Format Visuals

In addition to this, you will learn to change the complete theme of the dashboard by just selecting the standard theme color or the customized one.

This 16 minute 22 second YouTube video is demonstrating complete
sales dashboard in Power BI with the following steps:

  1. Import data to Power BI
  2. Edit Data in Power Query Editor
  3. Create Columns & measures
  4. Create Visuals
  5. Format Dashboard Background
  6. Format Visuals

Common Practice file

Power BI Dashboard Background image

Sales Dashboard in Excel

Sales Dashboard in Power BI

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    please I need the fdata file for please i need to practice

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