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Sales Dashboard in Excel created for B2C type of Businesses in Office 365 version of Excel.

Watch the complete tutorial:

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Sales Dashboard in Microsoft Excel

Introducing our Fully Interactive Sales Dashboard for Microsoft Excel! This comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard empowers businesses to track and analyze sales data with ease, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved sales performance.

We demonstrate this product on our YouTube channel as-is. It is recommended that you watch the complete tutorial before making a purchase.

Upon purchase, you can download the Excel file, There are 5 sheets within the Excel Workbook-

  1. Dashboard: Interactive Dashboard with visuals
  2. Input Data: This sheet needs to be updated regularly as part of the sales tracking process.
  3. Master Data: The product catalog sheet must be updated when a product is added or removed.
  4. Analysis: All backend calculations have been performed to visualize the data from the input sheet in this sheet.
  5. Color Guideline: This sheet contains the reference color codes for customizing the dashboard theme.

Additionally, the dashboard has two backgrounds, one of which is a plane and the other is a gradient fill. You can change them from the Selection Pane.

Please refer to the tutorial for more information: Sales Dashboard in Excel


  • Excel Office 365 version was used to create this Dashboard
  • Every time you update data, you should refresh the entire sheet (click on “Refresh All” under the Data tab).
  • If you have difficulty downloading the file after making the payment, please contact us at or use the Contact Form
  • For more information, please refer to the blog: Sales Dashboard in Excel and Power BI


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