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Dynamic Excel Charts for Office 365 & other versions of Excel. Ready to use Excel Templates (4 sheets). Watch all tutorials on Youtube!

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The download includes the following sheet. 1 for the office 365 users & the second for the users of other versions.

  1. Budget Vs Actual graph (2 Sheets: 1 for the office 365 users & the second for the users of other versions)
    • Shows % achievement against the target
    • Excel tools & formulae used to build this chart:
      • IF(), Offset(), SORT() & SORTBY() function
      • Name Manager
      • Line & Bar Chart
      • Conditional FormattingVisualizes whether there is a gap or exceeds the target.
    • Watch the full video:
  2. Plan vs Actual Conditional Chart:
    • Auto color change for bar graph with respect to the target set.
    • Watch the full video:
  3. Scrolling Chart:
    • Scrolling Chart for visualizing a large range of data into a line chart
    • Created using a line chart, scroll bar & dynamic range created with Offset() function
    • Watch the full video:

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