By using Lean Excel Solutions’ digital products, you consent to these terms.

Intellectual Property Rights

All digital products, including but not limited to templates, dashboards, tutorials, and guides, are the property of Lean Excel Solutions. Unauthorized distribution, copying, or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Usage Restrictions

No Reselling or Redistribution: Digital products purchased from Lean Excel Solutions, including Excel & Power BI dashboards, are strictly for personal and business use. Redistribution or resale in any form to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Prohibition on On-Demand Services: You are not permitted to use any item from our website in on-demand services or platforms where the main value is derived from the item itself.

Licensing and Usage

Single License Use: Each digital product you purchase from Lean Excel Solutions is licensed for a single user. If you need to use the product across multiple users or teams, additional licenses are required.

Backup: Users are responsible for maintaining their backups for any digital product purchased. Lean Excel Solutions won’t be responsible for lost files or any associated data.


While you can modify and customize the digital products for personal or business use, the modified product remains subject to the original terms, especially regarding redistribution or resale.

Feedback and Reviews

Your feedback is invaluable. While positive reviews are welcomed, in cases of dissatisfaction, we request you to contact us first. We strive to ensure a positive experience for all our users.


Occasionally, our digital products may be updated for improvements or in response to feedback. Users who’ve purchased a product will receive updates at no additional cost.


Lean Excel Solutions shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of our products. While we strive for accuracy and efficacy, users are advised to exercise discretion.

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