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Learning and Development Insights Dashboard in Excel

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Transform your L&D data with this sophisticated Excel dashboard. Analyze training records, visualize key metrics, and derive actionable insights, all with the power of VBA. This product offers both a VBA-enhanced version and a non-VBA version, ensuring flexibility and depth in your data analysis. Your purchase includes a downloadable zip containing 2 Excel files and an accompanying VBA code text file.

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Learning and Development Insights Dashboard in Excel

Elevate your Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives with our meticulously designed Excel dashboard template! Perfect for HR professionals, L&D managers, or trainers, this dashboard offers comprehensive insights, visual summaries, and interactive filtering, enabling a seamless analysis of training data.


  1. Visual Excellence: Color-coded metrics, interactive charts, and intuitive layout for quick insights and understanding.
  2. Dynamic Filtering with Slicers: Effortlessly drill down into specific months, trainers, topics, or departments.
  3. VBA-Integrated UserForm (Optional): An advanced feature for those looking to have a user-friendly interface for data input, without the need for direct spreadsheet handling.
  4. Alternative Non-VBA Version: Simplified, manual-input version included for those not wanting to use VBA.
  5. Responsive Design: Whether you’re presenting in a boardroom, working from a desktop, or analyzing on-the-go using a laptop, the design remains crisp, clear, and functional.
  6. Fully Customizable: Adapt the template to better fit your organization’s branding or specific requirements.

We demonstrate this product on our YouTube channel as-is. It is recommended that you watch the complete tutorials before making a purchase.

Upon Purchase:

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a download link. This link provides access to a .zip file that contains:

  • 2 Excel Files:
    • One version is equipped with VBA for those who prefer a more automated approach.
    • A second version without VBA, is for those who’d rather manually input data without the use of macros.
  • 1 Text File: This file contains the VBA code, handy for reference or for those wishing to dive deeper into the automation process.
Each Excel file encompasses 6 sheets:
  1. Dashboard: A space dedicated to visual elements, providing a bird’s eye view of your data.
  2. Pivots: Contains all the pivot tables utilized to generate dynamic reports and visuals.
  3. Master Data: Your primary hub for input data and all analytically processed tables.
  4. Trainer Record: An input sheet detailing trainer records.
  5. Trainee Records: An input sheet specifically for trainee records.
  6. Guideline: Offering instructions to ensure smooth usage of the dashboard.
  1. Input Data: Start by entering data in the Trainer and Trainee records. If using the VBA version, leverage the UserForm for easy data entry.
  2. Refresh: Always hit the ‘Refresh All’ button after adding new data to update the dashboard visuals.
  3. Slicers: Use the slicers to filter and analyze data based on specific criteria.
  4. Customization: Modify colors, charts, or metrics as needed. If unfamiliar with Excel functions, avoid changing core formulas.
  5. Saving: If using the VBA version, save the file in .xlsm format. For the non-VBA version, save in .xlsx format.

Important Note:

  1. Avoid altering core formulas and structures to ensure smooth functionality.
  2. Regularly back up your data.
  3. For the VBA-enabled template, ensure macros are enabled in Excel settings.
  4. After payment, if you have difficulty downloading the file, please write to or use the Contact Form.
  5. Watch the YouTube Tutorials:


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